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Ewha in Tokyo is Established with Waseda University and Keio University

Ewha in Tokyo is Established with Waseda University and Keio University
President Lee Gives a Keynote Speech in TIEC International Symposium 2008

President Bae Yong Lee visited top Japanese universities in Tokyo including Waseda University, Keio University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Ochanomizu University from July 17 to 20 and agreed to launch “Ewha in Tokyo” program sending Ewha students to these prestigious universities from 2009.

As a part of the Global 2010 Project, Ewha has successfully launched various global campus initiatives such as Ewha in New York, Beijing, Boston, Germany, U.K., California, Hong Kong, Paris, Benelux, Oceania, and Hawaii. Recently signed Ewha in Tokyo program will further support Ewha’s unique initiative of building a global knowledge network with the top universities in the world.

Waseda University, Keio University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Ochanomizu University are the global campuses in Ewha in Tokyo Program, and they have agreed to focus on expansion of exchange student program and send their students to Ewha summer school.

In particular, Ewha has agreed to send Ewha students to the globally renowned international studies program of Waseda University, which will help Ewha to foster global leaders fluent in both English and Japanese. Also, Ewha has agreed to cooperate more closely with Aoyama Gakuin University, a well-known Christian university in Japan and Ochanomizu University, one of the best women’s national universities in Japan. With President Lee’s visit to Japan, Ewha was able to strengthen its network with top Asian universities pursuing globalization and established a framework to facilitate more active exchange in Asia.

During her visit to Japan, President Lee gave a keynote speech in “TIEC International Symposium 2008 - Women’s Universities in the 21st Century” as a representative of Korea. The symposium was held on July 19 at Tokyo International Exchange Center in Odaiba. Ochanomizu University and Japanese Student Services Organization (JASSO) co-hosted the symposium which was held under the theme of “The Mission of Women’s Universities in the 21st Century,” and the symposium was aimed at strengthening mutual network of major women’s universities in Asia and redefining the identity of women’s universities in the age of globalization.

In her keynote speech titled “The History and Role of Women’s Universities,” President Lee stressed women’s wisdom and power that has shaped the 21st century as the “women’s era” driven by a powerful force that had remained dormant in the past and said, “This was made possible because of the strong commitment and unending efforts of women’s universities throughout the world that have led the humanization and liberation of women and gender equality.” Ewha received much attention from the participants as President Lee introduced Ewha’s long history of globalization focused education from the days of its foundation and educational competitiveness which has been a driving force behind Ewha’s growth as the world’s largest women’s university. Also, Ewha was recognized as a successful role model of women’s universities to lead the development of knowledge based society in future.

In TIEC International Symposium, major women’s universities in Asia discussed the key characteristics of women’s universities in this age of endless competition, explored new ideas, and agreed to make joint efforts in building a stronger network for sustainable growth of women’s universities.