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Ewha News

Joint Agreement on “Korean Literature Translation Academy” Signed

Ewha Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation will be leading the project of training international students as professional Korean literature translators with government support.

Yong Sook Kim, the Dean of Ewha Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation and Jikwan Yoon, the Director of Korea Literature Translation Institute signed the joint agreement on “Korean Literature Translation Academy” on July 7 at Pfeiffer Hall and agreed to cooperate in training professional Korean literature translators. Based on this agreement, three English speaking students and three French speaking students shall receive professional translation training with Ewha students for one year from the second semester of 2008 at Ewha GSTI.

“Through this agreement, we’ll be able to establish a specialized education program to foster professional Korean literature translators and introduce the beauty of Korean literature to international readers by enhancing the world’s understanding in Korean literature and culture,” said Dean Yong Sook Kim. "An increasing number of international students are interested in this program, and more students are expected to participate.”

Also, the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation had a signing ceremony with Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation on July 11 at Pfeiffer Hall and agreed to foster professional interpreters with the in-depth knowledge and experience in nuclear energy sector.

With this mutual cooperation agreement, Ewha will establish a professional interpreter training course on nuclear energy and provide translation and interpretation support to Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation.

Various exchange activities including the interpreter and translator internship program, visits to nuclear facilities, and exchange of information on the international trend in nuclear technology and policies will contribute to the development of both institutions and foster professionals in nuclear energy sector.