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7 Readmission

You will retain your original student ID number, thus retaining all your academic records including credits, courses and leave of absence, etc.

6 Dismissal

“Expiration of course years” is the minimum number of years required for graduation, whereas the “period of attendance” is the maximum period in which students can be enrolled in the school (leave of absence not included for undergraduate students). For freshmen, “expiration of course years” is 8 semesters for general students, 10 semesters for Architecture major students, 12 semesters for College of Pharmacy students. For “period of attendance” please refer to the “Dismissal” menu.

5 Dismissal

In case for undergraduates, it is NOT included. However, it is included for graduate school students.

4 Voluntary Withdrawal

The tuition will be refunded within two weeks once it is approved. 

3 Return from leave

You must request a “return from leave” and pay your tuition fee. Application for general “return from leave” students is from early February to late February for the 1st semester and from earl August to late August for the 2nd semester.

2 Leave of Absence

The tuition will be refunded within two weeks once the leave is approved.

1 Leave of Absence

“Credit Registration” students are eligible for leave of absence.