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  • Course registration period: February and August
  • Confirmation and drop/add period : First five days of each semester
  • Withdrawal Period : From five to six weeks from the first day of school (before midterms)
  • Credits per Semester
table for Course Registration
Division Registering Credits Extra Credit Registration
Full-time Students 1 ~ 18 credits 1. If the major (department) curriculum exceeds 18 credits, students may register for the extra credits they require.
2. First-year students admitted after 2002 may register for 19 credits during their first and second semester.
(First-year students in the College of Law may register for 19 credits their first semester only).
3. Students with at least a 3.75 GPA for the previous semester (excluding foreign exchange semesters) may register for a maximum of extra credits for a total of 21 credits or fewer.
Second Bachelor's Degree Students 1 ~ 21 credits Registration of maximum 21 credits regardless of major (department) curriculum
Transfer Students 1 ~ 18 credits Same registration and major (department) curriculum as full-time students
Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Program (including future students) 1 ~ 21 credits Registration for a maximum of 21 credits

Confirmation and Changes

  • Students should check at the beginning of the semester for any errors in their course and division numbers.
  • Students should note changes in the newly confirmed schedule at the beginning of the semester and edit their schedule online after meeting with the academic advisor.

Course Withdrawal

  • Procedure : Ewha Portal Information System → Intranet → Registration/Chapel → Course Withdrawal *Enter course and division number and click on "request withdrawal".
  • Grades for withdrawn courses will not be included in a student's GPA.
  • Students may not withdraw from all their courses. (Must  remain registered for at least one course.)

Chapel Registration

  • A. Students are given one seat for a fixed day by college and class year through their eight semester.
    * Returning students, students in or past their ninth semester, transfer students, and readmitted students must request seats.
  • B. Changing Chapel days and repeats
    • Who : Students who wish to change their designated day or who hold incomplete chapel credits from the previous semester.
    • Dates : Course Registration and Drop/Add Periods
    • Registration : Ewha Website → Course Registration (http://sugang.ewha.ac.kr)
  • C. Making up chapel absences during the semester (Per day)
  • D. Changing Chapel days and repeats
    • Dates : Registration is available from two weeks prior to the make up day. One request per week only.
    • Registration : Ewha Portal Information System → Intranet → Registration → Chapel Credit Registration → Make-up Day
    • Up to two make-up days per semester per credit

Summer/Winter Semester Course Registration

Dates and Procedure
  • A. Semester Session and Registration Dates
    • Summer Semester : June - July (Registration : May)
    • Winter Semester : December - January (Registration : November).
  • B. Procedure
    • Confirm course title, credits, schedule, and registration on the Ewha website.
    • Register for courses during the registration period through the online course registration system.
    • Pay tuition
  • C. Course Cancellation/Changes:
    • Cancellation/Change should be made through the Ewha website within the deadline. Changes can be made only for courses worth the same number of credits.

A Maximum of six credits allowed per semester for students in attendance; A maximum of three credits per semester for students on a leave of absence.

Important Notes
  • Even if a student takes a course and passes the exam, credits are not given if the student did not register through the online course registration system.
  • Students who fail to attend a class for which they registered online will be given an F. Taking the same course through a different division than the one for which they registered will also result in an F.