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An absence for a certain period owing to personal reasons(illness or other unavoidable circumstances)

Application Period

Application Period

First Semester Second Semester
Leave of Absence before semester Mid December to Late February Mid June to Late August
Leave of Absence after semester March to deadline for application September to deadline for application

Please refer to Homepage Banner (Ewha Shortcut menu) for details.


Request leave of Absence(My Eureka) → Print Absence Form → Visit International Student Affairs Team(ECCB329)

Leave of Absence Period

  • 1. Period per single leave of absence : maximum 1 year (1 or 2 semesters)
    Note: The absence period for students in the College of Medicine is set for one year. (Leave of absence for one semester is not allowed, except for repeating students).

  • 2. Total Leave of Absence Allowed

  • table for Total Leave of Absence Allowed
    Major Total Leave of Absence Allowed
    New student Transfer student
    All majors except below 6 semesters 3 semesters
    Architecture(five-year) 8 semesters 4 semesters
    College of Pharmacy(six-year) 10 semesters 6 semesters
    College of Medicine(Integrated) 3 semesters
    College of Medicine(Clerkship) 6 semesters

Tuition Refund (Leave of absence after registration)

1. Refund amount

table for Tuition Refund (Leave of absence after registration)
Date of Application received Refund Amount
Within 14 days since the first day of semester Full tuition refund
Within 30 days since the first day of semester 5/6 of tuition refund
Within 60 days since the first day of semester 2/3 of tuition refund
Within 90 days since the first day of semester 1/2 of tuition refund

First day of semester: 1st semester: March 1, 2nd semester: September 1

Date of Application received: date of application received(접수) on Eureka

Deadline for applying for leave of absence: Please refer to Homepage Banner (Ewha Shortcut menu) for details which will be updated every semester.

2. Refund bank account

Student must check whether their bank information is registered on My Eureka. The tuition refund will be made to the account registered on My Eureka. (In case of failure to register your bank information, leave of absence application cannot be made)

3. Scholarship or scholarship loan student

 a. Scholarship is reduced from the tuition refund amount.

 b. Student must contact Scholarship Department(02-3277-2274) to return scholarship/scholarship loan and complete application for leave of absence.

Service Available for Student on Leave of Absence

1. Student may use student ID basic functions

2. Student may us Library(3books for 7 days)

Important Note

1. Leave of absence on the first semester is not allowed except for Illness or childbirth, with additional approval.

2. Student must apply for leave of absence again if she decides to continue to leave after the leave of absence period is passed.

3. In case of failure to make application for leave of absence or return, student is dismissed from the university.

4. Application is complete only when it is at received(접수) status.

5. Student on leave of absence cannot graduate. To apply for graduation, student must be enrolled.

6. Student must return library books to continue use library during leave of absence.

7. Tuition refund amount is based on the date of application received.

8. Student must update contact information at Ewha Portal System.

9. There is a limit on total leave of absence allowed. Student can check number of semesters used on Eureka-School registry- Leave of Absence Request


table for Inquiry
Inquiry Office Phone Number Location
Approval International Student Affairs Team 02-3277-2064, 3233 ECC B303
Scholarship Scholarship Team 02-3277-2274 Student Union Building
Tuition Refund Accounting Team • Undergraduate: 02-3277-3410
• Graduate : 02-3277-2088
Main Hall #217
Book return and late fees Library 02-3277-3129 Central Library 2F
Other Registrar’s 02-3277-2033 Main Hall 108