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Approved readmission for students who wish to continue their studies after a voluntary withdrawal or a dismissal owing to failure to register, failure to return from absence or academic probation

Notice Dates

  • March Readmissions: Early to mid-October of the previous year. News and Notice (Ewha website)
  • September Readmissions: Early to mid-April. News and Notice (Ewha website)

Request Period

  • March Readmissions: November of previous year
  • September Readmissions: May


  • A. One-time request
  • B. Students dismissed owing to Academic Probation can be readmitted after one year from the dismissal date.
    • Students who have failed to earn sufficient credits within the attendance years
    • Students registered at another school
    • Students dismissed owing to probation
    • Students who have previously been readmitted

Attendance Years

Students may not exceed the allowed attendance years including prior to readmission.
(Attendance Years: See Academic Resources → Information → Registration → Dismissal)