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University Disciplinary Motto

Ewha’s core values are defined by a simple slogan of Jin Sun Mi (Truth, Goodness, Beauty).

Character education with abundant wisdom, knowledge, moral virtues and emotion is the holistic education ideology pursued by Ewha. Jin, Sun, and Mi (truth, goodness and beauty) are the most important core values recognized by all societies in both the east and the west. These values are as important in heaven as they are on Earth and epitomize the goals that all humans must aim to achieve. This concise and clear phrase: Jin, Sun, Mi, was officially declared the motto of Ewha in 1930 when it was proposed by then Professor of Literature, Sang-yong Kim, and unanimously accepted at the faculty meeting.


Jin represents knowledge. Knowledge is exactly what Ewha, as an academic institution, should pursue. A university must not neglect the search for knowledge because it is one of the main reasons for its existence. Moreover, based on the truth of God, who is the source of all wisdom and the foundation of all knowledge, Ewha should aspire to be a center of academic research to satisfy the human craving for knowledge to its farthest extent.


Sun represents goodness. The ultimate goodness is love, which only we as humans possess. It is our most beautiful, noble and pure virtue and is only actualized when shared with others. God’s love means uniting with our neighbors without neglecting those who are alien from us. It is to aspire to eternal piece both in our local communities and global humankind. God’s love is realized when we reach out to the Gentiles in foreign lands. It is Ewha’s highest value, to prepare and taper ourselves for this ultimate goal to ultimately devote ourselves to society as compassionate and responsible intellectuals.


Mi represents harmony. It is the intrinsic artistic sentiment of humankind in pursuit of beauty. The true concept of beauty that Ewha seeks is to restore our Creator's image, which is inherent in all human beings, and to maximize the freedom and unique personality bestowed upon each individual. Ewha's goal is to cultivate creative intellectuals who will shape new cultures and lead the world harmoniously through omni-directional education.