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College of Pharmacy


As one of the first to offer pharmacy education in Korea, the College of Pharmacy has consistently ranked among the top pharmacy schools in the nation and we’ve established a first-class reputation among all the pharmacy schools in Korea. Our alumnae have long contributed to the advancement of the principles, sciences, and practice of pharmaceutical care.

The College is dedicated to graduate students working as pharmacists who understand and advance the principles and sciences related to the development, manufacturing, distribution/marketing, and therapy related to medication. Graduates of Ewha’s College of Pharmacy are prepared to serve their communities and society as professional leaders. As we are on the verge of the new and promising era, the College strives to maintain and enhance its excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

Gwak, Hye Sun(Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Pharmaceutical Science Building A(Appenzeller Hall) 209


1945 Founded as the Department of Pharmacy under Hangrimwon
1951 Launched a master's program
1954 Reformed as the Department of Pharmacy in the College of Pharmacy
1956 Founded Affiliated Medicinal Herb Garden
1960 Launched a doctoral program
1967 Established the Department of Industrial Pharmacy to meet demands of the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry
1989 Founded Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1995 Founded Affiliated Animal Research Facility
1996 The College of Pharmacy opted to run collegiate programs of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
2005 Integrated the two departmental programs into a single pharmacy program
2006 Selected for BK21 Program (continue until now)
2011 Changed the academic system to a 6 year (2+4) program
2012 Founded Pharmacy Healthcare Communication Center
2013 Launched Graduate Program for Industrial Pharmaceutical Science
2014 Selected for CK II Program
2015 Celebrated the 70th anniversary of foundation
2016 Selected Industrial Pharmaceutical Science of Graduate School Program

The Aim of Education

The College of Pharmacy aims to educate and train qualified pharmacists who can provide pharmacy-related multidisciplinary service and contribute to the health and welfare of humankind.

Our specific objectives are to:

  • Nurture students to master basic sciences related to pharmaceuticals and foster knowledge required for better pharmaceutical care.
  • Educate students to learn fundamental principles essential for drug development, dosage formulation, and manufacturing/quality control of medicinal products.
  • Produce well-trained pharmacists who can not only advance pharmacy sciences but also serve the evolving needs of society by delivering excellent pharmaceutical care.
  • Cultivate students’ professional ethics, dedication and commitment essential for improving humankind’s health and social welfare.

Research Organizations & Centers

  • Affiliated Institute: RIPS (Research Institute Pharmaceutical Science)
  • Affiliated Facility: PHC (Pharmacy Healthcare Communication Center)