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Dismissal of students who meet the terms of dismissal

Terms of Dismissal

  1. Failure to return from absence
    • Failure to return from absence without sufficient cause within three weeks of expiration of a leave of absence
    • Failure to return after the leave of absence period has completed.
      *Leave of absence period for undergraduates: three years
    • Note: It is four years in the case of students in the five-year architecture design and three semesters for students transferring their junior year
  2. Failure to register: Failure to pay tuition or other costs within the fixed deadline
  3. Academic Probation:
    • Three consecutive academic warnings (GPA below 1.60)
    • Three repeats (Applicable to the College of Medicine)
    • A readmitted student on academic probation after having been dismissed for reasons of three consecutive academic probations, or dismissed/withdrawn for two consecutive academic probations and another term of dismissal.
  4. Expiration of attendance years
    • General: Eight years (eight years for the College of Medicine, 10 years for the five-year architecture design, 12 semesters for College of Pharmacy)
    • Students transferring in their junior year: Four years
    • Double Majors, International Students: Nine years (five years for double majors transferring in their junior year)
      * International Students: Overseas residents of Korean descent or foreigners who have completed 12 years of primary and secondary education abroad; Students with two parents who are both foreigners; and North Korean defectors.
  5. Probation (Dismissal owing to disciplinary measurespunishment)