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Ewha’s Global Programs Firing Up the Summer of 2023
Ewha’s Global Programs Firing Up the Summer of 2023 During the summer vacation in 2023, Ewha launched various global programs across the world including the Americas, Europe, and Asia to broaden Ewha members’ global experiences and support the nurturing of global female talent. Under the 2023 Ewha Summer Global Frontier Program supported by the Office of Student Affairs, 28 participants in seven teams travelled to the U.S. and eight European nations to conduct overseas exploration activities during the summer vacation. The “Ewha Global Frontier” is a short-term overseas exploratory program designed to foster well-rounded global female leaders with a daring spirit, outstanding drive, and problem-solving skills. Through the program, students independently select a topic and plan for exploration in teams and then visit international bodies, public institutions, global corporations, and universities to explore their chosen topic, with airfare and exploration expenses funded as a scholarship. The program has been met with a high satisfaction rate among participating students. Meanwhile, a total of 65 participants in six teams have successfully completed their activities under the Faculty-led Study Abroad Program for First Half of 2023. Supported by the Office of International Affairs to strengthen Ewha students’ global competency, the Faculty-led Study Abroad Program is an overseas learning program in which professors travel overseas with their students during vacation time to conduct joint classes and seminars with prominent overseas universities and institutions. The program is highly popular among students, not least for the opportunity to earn extra credits. As part of the program, Ewha’s faculty-led teams, such as from the Department of Architecture, the Department of Climate and Energy Systems Engineering, the Division of Design, the Division of Nursing, the Department of International Studies, and the Department of Global Korean Studies, have visited various countries including the U.S., Canada, and Japan to perform a range of learning activities. The 2023 Ewha-CUHK Global Student Partnership (GSP), an academic and cultural exchange program jointly organized by Ewha and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), has been successfully conducted in both Hong Kong and Seoul. The GSP, a short-term special exchange program conducted with a foreign university, is a program optimized for cultivating students’ global competencies in that it allows participants to take the initiative in the overall process of the program from planning to execution. Following the Ewha-Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP), which has been jointly conducted with Harvard University since 2007, Ewha has been running the GSP with the CUHK since 2019. A total of 16 students from Ewha and the CUHK gathered on the Ewha campus in July and on the CUHK campus in August, respectively, where they planned and held conferences and various cultural, social, and academic exchange programs on their own initiative under the theme of “Sustainability and Waste Recycling,” thereby contributing to the development of global leadership, networking, and experiences.
International Conference Trans-Pacific Sustainability Dialogue Held
International Conference Trans-Pacific Sustainability Dialogue Held The second day of events for the Trans-Pacific Sustainability Dialogue, a venue for discussions on sustainable development and climate crisis issues in Asia, was held at Lee Sam-bong Hall of the ECC building on September 14, 2023 (Thu.). The Trans-Pacific Sustainability Dialogue, co-organized by the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) at Stanford University and the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future, was established in 2015 to accelerate the progress of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2022, expert panels have been organized and held by Ewha’s Center for Climate/Environment Change Prediction Research, along with Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the APARC and Yonsei University. This event, which commenced on September 13, 2023 (Wed.), discussed the concept of carbon neutrality, the achievement of SDGs and the environment under the theme of “energy security,” and in the second day of the event on September 14, 2023 (Thu.), the expert session was held at Ewha under the theme of “efficient energy technology” with the attendance of President Eun Mee Kim and international experts in various fields such as Chairperson Ban Ki-moon of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future and Director Gi-Wook Shin of the APARC. At the expert session, the participants discussed such themes as “Pursuit of energy security: Efficient energy technologies and solutions,” “Political economy and energy security of renewable energy,” “The environment and energy security: Dialogue with future generations,” “Education and energy security: Dialogue with future generations,” and “Equality and energy security: Dialogue with future generations.” With the establishment of the Department of Climate and Energy Systems Engineering in 2017, Ewha Womans University has taken the lead in nurturing convergence talent in line with environmental changes in various energy industries such as transitions to sustainable energy and energy digital transformation. Moreover, Ewha is active in responding to climate change and achieving carbon neutral goals by conducting world-class research through the Center for Climate/Environment Change Prediction Research, a priority research institute in the science and engineering field, while promoting the development of international climate risk management models.

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