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Third Ewha Movie Festival Held Online
Third Ewha Movie Festival Held Online The 3rd Ewha Movie Festival created by Ewha students has opened on Friday, June 26. It is a special cultural arts event that consists of Ewha Film Festival (EFF), which is a domestic and foreign film screening festival, and Ewha Media Art Presentation (EMAP), a media art exhibition. The Ewha Movie Festival established itself as a unique, large-scale outdoor event that utilizes the beautiful campus of Ewha. Celebrating the third anniversary this year, however, Ewha changed the name “Ewha Green Movie Festival” to “Ewha Movie Festival” to accommodate more diverse needs with a wider perspective and deeper awareness, and worked to provide opportunities to enjoy film and art works online, effectively utilizing streaming platforms. a film submitted for the EFF “The Cry of Small Movies” section | “One Day, You and I” for the EMAP “A Maze, A Muse” section The festival, which began in 2018, has grown into a large-scale project in which Ewha students are provided opportunities to learn how to systematically integrate and utilize resources, and to develop self-expression capabilities while planning and conducting the festival. This year’s planning team devoted themselves to implementing a stable online screening platform, corresponding to the changed environment due to Covid-19, so that anyone who wants to participate in the festival can enjoy film and art works. Thanks to these efforts, over 3,000 people visited the Ewha Movie Festival official website (http://www.ewhamoviefesta.kr) and the films on the website recorded 178,000 views (as of June 29). The festival is attracting attention as a successful online cultural event. The major pillar of the festival, Ewha Film Festival (EFF), is a meaningful event newly established in 2018 to broaden the scope of film arts. EFF invites mainstream and independent movies in and outside Korea to portray the current status of contemporary culture. As it was held online this year, it strengthened the independent film contest section, “The Cry of Small Movies.” The contest program received entries from young directors regardless of their major and selected films, through rigorous screening, that portray societal issues with a clear perspective and a sharp awareness even in a smaller scale compared to commercial films. Another pillar of the festival, EMAP, is an international media art screening festival that has deeply impressed domestic and foreign audiences, establishing its own domain of outdoor screening since it was established in 2001. This year, diverse media art works in and outside Korea as well as novel works by Ewha students were introduced, centering on the “International Competition for EMAP” and “A Maze, A Muse” sections. The section of EMAP International Competition was created to discover the works of domestic and foreign young media artists and promote their advancement. The A Maze, A Muse section introduced various 2D and 3D animations, created by students of the Ewha Design Division (the major of Media Interaction Design), and experimental K-pop music videos using the characteristics of digital video.
Five Ewha Graduates Newly Appointed as Prosecutors by the Ministry of Justice
Five Ewha Graduates Newly Appointed as Prosecutors by the Ministry of Justice Ewha Womans University has emerged as an outstanding law educational institution as it ranks fourth among universities that produced new prosecutors in 2020. The Ministry of Justice recently appointed 70 successful candidates from law schools who passed the ninth bar exam as prosecutors, and among them five (7.1%) were Ewha Womans University graduates. This figure accounts for 12 percent of newly appointed women prosecutors (41). In the ninth bar exam, 98 students of Ewha Law School passed the bar exam recording a 98 percent pass rate against the admission quota (100 students). The law school also has achieved great results with four appointed as new trial researchers announced by the Supreme Court last month, and three as new prosecutors. Ewha Law School provides full support to students who prepare for the bar exam, with the provision of latest case studies, test training programs, tutoring, academic support and the operation of a testing materials library and the Soseul-gwan dormitory which can accommodate approximately 70 percent of the students. The school also offers sessions with alumnae for career advice, briefing sessions for law firms, and special lectures for interview preparation to be appointed as prosecutors and trial researchers, encouraging enrolled students to advance into various fields. Ewha Womans University founded the department of law in 1950 and the world's first women’s college of law in 1996 and opened the school of law in 2009, establishing itself as an outstanding institution to foster women lawyers in Korea.

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