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Ewha Outlines the Guidelines on Face-to-face Classes and Exams 2020
Ewha Outlines the Guidelines on Face-to-face Classes and Exams 2020 Ewha has established necessary facilities for infectious disease prevention and control in addition to the relevant guidelines to keep the campus safe for the fall semester of 2020. The Ewha Safety Team created the "Guidelines on Face-to-face Classes and Exams 2020," which is being disseminated in various ways including notices posted throughout the Ewha campus and webpages, as well as posts on social media. Major guidelines include attending online classes if you are sick (stop going to school); carrying the access card when going to school and ensuring to wear a mask; submitting to temperature checks at body temperature checkpoints, and wearing a temperature check confirmation wristband; ensuring to wear a mask and a temperature check confirmation wristband in the classroom; sitting only on chairs with an "Available for sitting" sticker; and returning home if you're sick. According to the guidelines, all Ewha members visiting the campus for face-to-face classes and exams are required to have their body temperature checked at a body temperature checkpoint installed at four spots including at the front of the security office on the ground-floor of Hak-gwan, at the lobby on the first basement level of Ewha-POSCO Building, at Neil Lounge near the ECC Gate No. 1, and at the ECC Gate No. 12 (exit towards Admission Hall), and wear the wristband confirming the completion of a body temperature check before entering a classroom. The color of the wristband varies by the day of the week, and you may put on the wristband yourself upon receiving it after a body temperature check. If you are not using a classroom, you do not need to wear the wristband. Those who enter a library or a reading room are monitored by thermal imaging cameras and not required to wear the wristband. However, according to the executive order of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, it is mandatory to wear a mask anywhere on the campus and those who violate the order may be restricted from using campus facilities. In particular, you cannot use the open learning space, ECC lounge, and multi-purpose facilities without wearing a mask. Kim Young-Suk, the Head of Office of Facilities Management, remarked, "Wearing a mask at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, will be uncomfortable, but please comply with the guidelines, bearing in mind that it is the first step in protecting the safety of all Ewha members as well as the wearer' health." He also emphasized, "Please make sure to observe the infection control rules such as washing hands and wearing a mask, especially when using areas with unspecified high traffic such as lounges and resting areas."
Ewha Selected as Korea’s Sole Research Center for AI Convergence Education in Education Field
Ewha Selected as Korea’s Sole Research Center for AI Convergence Education in Education Field Ewha Graduate School of Education (Dean Han You-kyung) and the Center for Future Education Research (Director Chung Jae-young) have been selected as the sole participating institution in the recruitment for the 2020 Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Convergence Education under the Ministry of Education. As a result, Ewha will operate Korea’s only research center for AI convergence education and further enhance its status as an excellent teacher training institution, while leading the field of education in the era of artificial intelligence. The education and research center project under the Ministry of Education will fund 500 million won per year from 2020, as a way to support the operation of AI convergence education major courses that have been newly established at graduate schools of education nationwide, conduct research to vitalize AI convergence education in elementary and secondary schools, and support relevant policies at 17 municipal and provincial education offices, and accordingly, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education administered the relevant recruitment process. In recognition of its human- and material-based excellence in AI convergence education and its capability as a national research support center, the Ewha research team from the Graduate School of Education and the Center for Future Education Research was selected exclusively as the final operator for the project after fierce competition with outstanding universities across the country. Accordingly, as the sole institution in this particular area in the education sector of Korea, the Research Center for AI Convergence Education will be operated by Ewha Graduate School of Education and College of Education with plans to carry out the project in conjunction with related organizations such as the Korean Educational Research Association, the Korean Society for the Study of Teacher Education, the Korean Association of Computer Education, and the Korean Association of Information Education. The new center at Ewha will establish a research and support hub for AI convergence education, with the participation of major universities in Seoul and seven other regions, and train teachers who will lead innovation in AI education through various programs, thereby contributing to the realization of future education in the era of artificial intelligence.

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