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Ewha Holds Online Mentoring Program "Bang Jin Con"
Ewha Holds Online Mentoring Program "Bang Jin Con" The Ewha Career Development Center held the 2020 “Bang Jin Con,” which is an abbreviation of the title “career concert at home” in Korean, for the summer vacation of 2020. Bang Jin Con is an online mentoring service that is brought to Ewha students at home, providing the opportunity for bilateral communication between senior and junior students and storytelling-oriented contents on career paths, and organizing events for younger generations who are more familiar with online performances. The Career Development Center is holding Bang Jin Con on Zoom after receiving applications for attendance through the THE Portfolio system. Starting from July 4 (Saturday), the online concert features prestigious companies such as NCSoft (video games/business planning), Pfizer Korea (pharmaceuticals/HR), Adidas (global marketer) across various occupational sectors, and has been met with favorable responses in terms of both participation and satisfaction. On July 18 (Saturday), Lee Yeong-in (graduating class of 2019, Department of Business Administration), who is a marketing employee at Adidas, mentored students who have yet to choose a career path. The director of the center, Lee Joohee, remarked, "I hope the stories told by graduates who are now building their careers in various fields will help Ewha students in a more specific way as they look for their own careers." She also added, "If you gained a clearer sense of the career or job you want to pursue, then you should start preparing to enter into society through the center's employment programs, such as Employment Master Class, Mentoring School, Ewha Mentoring Day, and Toktok Seniors. Commencing in time for the summer vacation, Bang Jin Con is scheduled to end on August 22 (Saturday) and restart in the coming winter vacation. View the schedule and line-up of mentors for August and apply for participation at THE Portfolio (http://the.ewha.ac.kr).
Research Team Led by Professor Kim Minsuk Publishes Paper in Globally Recognized Biosensor Journal
Research Team Led by Professor Kim Minsuk Publishes Paper in Globally Recognized Biosensor Journal A research team led by Professor Kim Minsuk at the Ewha School of Medicine discovered methods to detect cancer cells through AI-based technology utilizing micro-vibrations. This research finding has been published in the globally recognized journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics (ranked first in JCR Chemistry and Analytical in 2019). The published paper credits Professor Kim as the corresponding author and Kim Hye-yun, a student of the combined master-doctoral program at the Ewha School of Medicine, as the lead author. The research team analyzed a video documenting the flow of breast cancer cells in blood using an AI-based software called a "motion microscope," which was developed by Dr. Abe Davis at MIT. As a result, the team found that a long, wave-shaped tail appeared to trail behind cancer cells. The tail, which was named the "cellular trail," could be observed only in cancer cells at the frequency range between 0.5 to 1.5 Hz, and could not be found in normal blood cells. In addition, the team found that the cellular trail disappeared when the proteins comprising the cancer cell membrane were partially removed, and based on this observation, it was discovered that the cellular trail is caused by micro-vibrations from friction that arises when the uneven surface of the cancer cell moves within a fluid. By using the artificial intelligence based on TensorFlow, a machine learning engine developed by Google, the presence of cancer can be determined based on the cellular trail without requiring visual confirmation. This technology allows the diagnosis of cancer at a lower cost without the need to utilize antibodies, fluorescent materials and radioactive substances, and enhances the accuracy of diagnoses when identifying cancer tissues based on MRI or X-ray. It also helps to determine if cancer stem cells remain circulating in the blood after a cancer removal surgery, and is expected to improve public health by making it possible to determine cancer cells in the blood during the process of blood donation by the general public.

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