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table for Clubs
Name Description Student Union Room No. Extension No. Homepage
Rotaract Forming global ties through friendship and volunteer work 529 7632 -
Kibitan Local volunteer work 515 7639 cafe
Howoohwe Philanthropy through volunteer work 401-1 7640 -
Cham-woori Local volunteer work 415 7638 go to
Baby Kiss Volunteer work for disabled children 413 7634 -
Dajung Educating migrant women 520 7630 cafe
Dam e rang Social participation through murals 502-1 7631 -
Little Chai House Resource sharing and aid for children in developing countries 401-2 7633 facebookinstagram
Ewhaus Ewha branch of Habitat for Humanity 518 7633 -
E-Class Korean language and culture instruction for foreign exchange students Hak-gwan
- cafe
True Ewha Education mentoring volunteer - - instagramblog
EWHA P.I.E Sharing cultural experience with international students - - instagramfacebook