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table for Clubs
Name Description Student Union Room No. Extension No. Homepage
Polaris Astronomy club 441-3 7672 cafe
Wild Bird Watching Club Saerang Protecting the environment by observing and learning about wild birds 517 7665 -
ECC Conducting academic research on computers and related activities 504 7667 -
AIESEC Helping local communities to develop through international exchange 513 7664 facebook
Ewha Baduk Baduk (Korean chess) club 516 7670 -
ENC Debate club based on Newsweek articles 527 7668 cafe
UNSA Model UN activities, including mock general assembly, seminars, photo exhibits, and international camps 402-1 7666 -
Ecube Environmental awareness and green living practices 414 7669 -
Soft Brain Studying patents and developing new inventions 302-1 7637 cafe
Ewha Investment Analysis (E.I.A) Analyzing corporate enterprises and industries and learning how to make value investments - - blog
Ewha International Law Club(EILC) Studying and research on international law - - -
S.E.E.D Economic Discussion - - cafe
Ewha Commercial Law Studies Studying and research on commercial law - - -
EWHA-CHAIN Studying and research on blockchain - - -
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