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8 Suspension

Such policy is only applicable to the College of Medicine. So, the suspension policy is not relevant to students in other Colleges.

7 Grading System

The university does not have credit forfeiture policy.

6 Grading System

You can do so by simply selecting 4.5-point grading when requesting your transcript. However, only the accumulated average grade will be converted into 4.5-point grading. Each course grades and semester average will not be converted into 4.5-point grading.

5 Grading System

Only the last grade will remain on your transcript, and the grade you received before the retake will be marked as “R” on your academic record. (the academic record is an internal data of the university, so neither can it be used as an official record, nor can it be viewed by people other than yourself.)

4 Grading System

We do not disclose the “absolute evaluation" standard. Please inquire the standard to the subject course professor.

3 Grading System

The accumulated average grade can be calculated by adding all of your grade points (GPA x credits) and dividing by the total number of credits you have acquired. Anyhow, credits which you have received an S grade are excluded in the calculation. GPA by grade: A+(4.3) A0(4.0) A-(3.7) B+(3.3) B0(3.0) B-(2.7) C+(2.3) C0(2.0) C-(1.7) D+(1.3) D0(1.0) D-(0.7) Example: When you have 3 credits for A+, 3 for B+, 2 for C-, and 1 for S, then you have an accumulated average of ((4.3*3)+(3.3*3)+(1.7*2)) / 8 credits = 3.28 accumulated average grade.

2 Grading System

The grading system of Ewha, according to Clause 34 of University Rules and Regulations, is generally divided into A grades (A+, A, A-: 0~35%) and B grades (B+, B, B-: 20~40%). However, as the grading ratio can be differently applied for certain courses, we recommend you to inquire grading standards to the respective professor.

1 Grading System

Your ranking each semester can differ depending on your grades and other students’ grades.