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이화여자대학교 총장 김은미

The 17th President of Ewha Womans University

Eun Mee Kim

School / College: Graduate School of International Studies


 제 17대 이화여자대학교 총장 김은미 저서
2019 United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 (Co-author)
2019 Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia (Co-author)
2018 Educational International Development Cooperation Project: Beautiful Journey between Ewha Womans University and Royal Phnom Penh University (Co-author) (Korean)
2017 Promoting Development: The Political Economy of East Asian Foreign Aid (Co-author)
2014 The South Korean Development Experience: Beyond Aid (Co-author)
2012 Adapt, Fragment, Transform: Corporate Restructuring and System Reform in South Korea (Co-author)
2012 South Korea Advances toward a Multicultural Society (Co-author)
2009 Multicultural Society of Korea (Co-author) (Korean)
2005 The Sociology of the Economic Crisis: Transformation of the Developmental State and Business Group Networks (Co-author) (Korean)
1998 The Four Asian Tigers in East Asia: Global Political Economy and Economic Development
1997 Big Business, Strong State: Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, 1960-1990

Research Papers

 제 17대 이화여자대학교 총장 김은미 학술지 논문
2020 「Development of Gender-Sensitive Comprehensive Health Matrix: A Comparative Study on the Cases of Sustainable Development Goals Countries and North Korea Based on Gender-Sensitive Indicators」. Journal of The Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health. Vol. 24 (Korean)
2019 「Critical Review of North Korean Women and Children’s Health, 2000-2019: Physical and Mental Health Challenges with a Focus on Gender」. Asian International Studies Review Vol. 20
2019 「Expansion of Sustainability Science Needed for the SDGs」. Nature Sustainability Vol. 2
2018 「Children’s Environmental Health Indicators in Context of the Sustainable Development Goals for Small Island Developing States」. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol. 15
2018 「Comprehensive Understanding of Risk and Protective Factors Related to Adolescent Pregnancy in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review」. Journal of Adolescence Vol. 69
2017 「Children’s Environmental Health Indicators for Low- and Middle-Income Countries in Asia」. Annals of Global Health Vol. 83
2015 「Analysis of the Latest Trends in International Development Cooperation Norms: Centering on the OECD DAC」. International Development and Cooperation Review. Vol. 8 (Korean)
2015 「South Korea’s Global Health Outreach through Official Development Assistance: Analysis of Aid Activities of South Korea’s Leading Aid Agencies, 2008-2012」. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies Vol. 2
2013 「A Critical Review of Gender in South Korea’s Official Development Assistance」 Asian Journal of Women’s Studies Vol. 19
2012 「Busan and Beyond: South Korea and the Transition from Aid Effectiveness to Development Effectiveness」. Journal of International Development Vol. 25
2012 「Determinants of Foreign Aid: The Case of South Korea」. Journal of East Asian Studies Vol. 12
2011 「Gender Empowerment in South Korean Development: Lessons for Foreign Aid」. International Studies Review Vol. 12
2008 「The Formation and Social Organization of a Nascent Multi-Ethnic Society in South Korea Illustrations from Seoul’s Foreign Communities」. Korean Journal of Sociology. Vol. 42 (Korean)
2007 「Bringing History Back In: Understanding Long-term Processes of State-Building and Implementation of the Developmental State in Late-Late Industrialization」. Contemporary Sociology, Vol.36
2006 「Patterns of South Korea’s Foreign Direct Investment Flows into China」. Asian Survey, Vol. XLVI