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6 Summer / Winter Semester Registration

If the tuition is not submitted during winter/summer semester “tuition fee registration period”, your registered course(s) will be automatically deleted. In addition, tuition must be paid within the designated payment period since there is no additional tuition payment period (grace period) for winter/summer semester.

5 Credit Registration

For Credit Registration, the tuition is based on credits registered until the “Registration confirmation and change period.” (credits withdrawn during the Withdrawal period will not be refunded)

4 Credit Registration

“Credit Registration” students who are paying full tuition, (ie. registered courses over 10 credits) can pay their tuition in an installment basis. But students how have   registered below 10 credits or are readmitted cannot pay in an installment basis.

3 Credit Registration

Since 2015 Spring Semester, 0-credit registration is no longer available. If students have completed credits required for graduation along with chapel, they can request “Course Completion.” (international students will not be applicable for student VISA after “Course Completion”)

2 Credit Registration

Until completion of the “expiration of course years”(8 semesters for general students, 10 semesters for Architecture major students, 12 semesters for College of Pharmacy students), it is requisite for students to register as full-time students. This means, within respective term of study, “Credit Registration” is not permissible regardless of number of credits taken. However, once the student have completed the “expiration of course years”, “Credit Registration” is possible.

1 Registration

The university policy does not allow carry-over of tuition. Credit Registration