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Tuition payment for credits sought during the summer/winter semesters

Credits per semester

Maximum six credits (Maximum three credits for students on a leave of absence)


  • Basic Tuition + (Number of registered credits × Fee per winter/summer semester credit)
  • Payment Method: Tuition may be remitted from any bank (including the post office and NongHyup) to the account provided in the tuition bill posted on the intranet.
  • Credit Exchange Universities: Tuition and payment methods may change subject to the terms of the cross-registered universities.

Important Notes

  • Failure to pay tuition will automatically result in the cancelation of registration.
  • Students may cancel registration online during the cancellation period. Tuition will automatically be reimbursed to the bank account submitted via the intranet
  • Methods of cancelling or changing credits may differ depending on the university.