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8 Carrying Over Credits

No, if you are subject to “carrying over credits”, the credits will be automatically carried over.

7 Carrying Over Credits

For credits to be carried over, credits registered until the “registration confirmation and change period” needs to be below 18. Therefore credits cannot be carried over in the above situation.

6 Carrying Over Credits

Credits withdrawn during the course withdrawal period are not counted for carrying over credits.

5 Carrying Over Credits

“Credit registration” students are excluded from carrying over credits.

4 Carrying Over Credits

Upto 2 credits can be carried over to the next semester if you have registered below 18 credits until the “registration confirmation and change period”

3 Course Registration

For general “return from leave” students, you can register during the course registration period regardless of “return from leave” submission. However, If it is the case of general readmission, you can use the registration system regardless of tuition payment status. However, to register courses during the “registration confirmation and change period”, you must submit the “return from leave” in Eureka.

2 Course Registration

If you have submitted the “early return from leave”, you can use the course registration system during the course registration period.

1 Course Registration

 If your most recent GPA (including the last semester you completed) is 3.75 and above, you may take up to 21 credits worth of courses.