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Repeating a course for credit

Confirmation and Changes

  • Compatible Repeat Courses: Courses under a different course number/title but considered the same course
  • Check the 'Compatible Repeat Course' menu on the online course registration system during the course registration period and before the drop/add period.


  • The repeating year and semester for repeat courses and valid repeat courses are shown during online registration(only for courses with confirmed grades).
  • Note that credits may only be earned once for repeat courses.

Grade Processing

  • The grade from a course that was later repeated is deleted and the credits are cancelled. The course is marked as an "R" (Repeated Course) on the report card but is not included in the transcript.
  • Only the final grade will be counted for a course taken twice or more.
  • Any issued academic warning will remain on the school register even if the student receives an improved grade through repeated course.


  • Valid Grades to Repeat a Course : C+ or lower.
  • Available Grades for Repeated Courses : A- or lower