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Seokjeong Choi at Physics Department Won at the Undergraduate Student Poster Competition of the Korean Vacuum Society

  • Date2024.02.28
  • 17595

물리학과 최석정 씨
Seokjeong Choi, a senior student at the Physics Department (Adviser: Dong-Wook Kim), won the Excellence Prize at the Undergraduate Student Poster Competition. The competition was a part of the 66th Winter Annual Conference of the Korean Vacuum Society, which took place in the Phoenix Pyeongchang Snow Park from February 14th to 16th (Wed-Fri).

The Korean Vacuum Society hosts semi-annual conferences every summer and winter to deepen the knowledge about vacuum science and related technologies and applications and develop the industrial vacuum system. At the 2nd Undergraduate Students Poster Competition, around fifty participants presented their studies on various topics, including vacuum technologies, surface and interface science, plasma and display, semiconductor and thin film, and energy technologies.

Choi’s study was titled “A Study on the Fabrication of Ag Nanogrid Structure and Its Optic Properties.” She fabricated an Ag nanogrid structure with a template stripping method to – via experiments and calculations – demonstrate how the excitation of surface plasmon affects optic properties of the visible spectrum. Her nanogrid structure can be bent or extended, making it possible to be used in flexible optoelectronics.