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16 Early Graduation

When requesting cancellation for early graduation, you must submit an official letter from the respective college along with your statement of reason. Once cancellation is approved, you must be enrolled full-time until the end of your “expiration of course years”.

15 Bachelor’s Degree

In accordance to the University Rules and Policy, students on their leave of absence cannot graduate.

14 Bachelor’s Degree

Graduation evaluation take Summer/Winter course completion into account, therefore, you can graduate within the time frame should you have satisfied all graduation  requirements.

13 Bachelor’s Degree

The ranking reflected in the transcript is the result of ranking among the students that were candidates for graduation in the previous semester. Ranking is conducted according to accumulated grades, and such information can be disclosed only on the transcript.

12 Bachelor’s Degree

Certificate of expectant graduation is a document that verifies graduation status for the respective semester, therefore marking expectant graduation semester to the next semester is not permissible.

  (Example) If the certificate is to be issued on August 2015, which is the Spring semester of 2015, the certificate will only reflect August 2015 as the expectant day of graduation. During this period of time, the expectant day of graduation cannot be written as February 2016, as it reflects the next semester (Fall semester of 2015).

11 Bachelor’s Degree

According to student status the certificate can be issued as below:

    - “course completion” students: From 1st March and 1st September.

    - Enrolled students on her 7th or more semester: Issued once the tuition fee have been paid. (For students who were on leave after completing their 7th semester,

       the certificate will be issued after the tuition is paid and after return from leave is submitted)

   - Student on leave during respective semester: Certificate cannot be issued

10 Course Completion

There is no course registration or tuition payment obligations during the semester you are in as a “course completion” student. You can graduate if you have applied for graduation during the graduation intent application period at the end of each semester along with passing your thesis or graduation test. Please check the schedule for graduation thesis or test at your department.

9 Course Completion

“Course completion” students cannot register courses nor receive additional grades. Therefore if you would like to transfer credits for your internship, you will have to not apply for “course completion” and maintain your enrollment status. If you would like to transfer your internship credits during “credit registration”, you will have to pay the registration fee according to the credits you are registering.

8 Course Completion

Requisite for “course completion” includes the number of required credits for graduation and chapel completion. Therefore in your case, “course completion” cannot be processed as you will have to complete your chapel requirements.

7 Course Completion

Once you are confirmed as a “course completion” student, you cannot revert your status to an “enrolled” or a “leave of absence” student.