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Notice for International Students

Korean language course at the Seoul Global Center

Korean language course at the Seoul Global Center

The Seoul Global Center (SGC) will open its 3rd term of 2014 of free Korean classes as follows:

1. Course Outline

Course duration: Monday, September 22nd ~ Tuesday, December 2nd , 2014 (10 weeks)

Classroom: Classrooms in Seoul Global Center

Eligibility: International Residents in Seoul(This program is designed for adults)

Fees: Free of charge(The textbook should be purchased by students)

Class schedule


Class days


Level Description


Mon. /



You will start with the Korean alphabet.

Beginner 1-1

Tue. /



You already understand how to read, speak and can make very basic present tense sentences. You can introduce yourself and make greetings. You understand the grammar of: 입니다/입니까?’, ()ㅂ니다/()ㅂ니까?, ‘/, /’, / and commands.

Beginner 1-2

Mon. /



You already understand the following grammar: noun+/ 아니다, noun+예요/이에요, verb+/어요, ~, ~에서, and Sino-Korean numeral

Beginner 2-1

Mon. /



You can ask and answer about dates, days, time and price and you can order foods and buy things. You understand the grammar of: ‘(), ‘탈락동사, ‘()십시오

Beginner 2-2

Mon. /



You can make orders over the phone. You understand the grammar of: honorifics, unit nouns, / 주다, 말다’, ㅡ탈락 동사, ㄹ탈락동사, ()ㄹ거예요, /어주다, 말다’, ‘-한테()/에게(), ‘-’, ‘-/’, ‘’ irregular verb, vocabularies about weather and you can describe character, things and you can compare between two things.

Beginner 2-3

Tue. /



You understand the grammar of: ‘-()’’, ‘-부터/까지’, ‘-지만’, ‘-()러 가다/오다/다니다’, ‘’ irregular verb, negative expressions, explaining reason, vocabularies about hospital related words & symptoms

2. How to Apply

Application period: Wednesday July 16th ~ Thursday July 17th, 2014

- Office hour: 9am6pm / Lunch break: 12pm1pm
Please be advised that we accept registration only during the application period.

Application place: the 6th floor of Seoul Global Center Building
Please refer to the map at the bottom.

Application procedure: Actual applicants must visit SGC in person and fill out the form

Online, telephone, or proxy application is not acceptable.

Application requirements
- Alien Registration Card
- A copy of applicant’s color photo (size: 3

Admission: First-come, First-served basis (effective from 9am)

Placement test: Wednesday July 23rd, Thursday July 24th, 2014

According to the test results, applicants could be assigned to a different class from their application.

The final confirmation of admission will be notified to the applicants via e-mail by July 28th (Mon) individually.

3. Class size: between 12 and 17 students
If classes are all full before the application period is over, the applicants can be put on a waiting list if they would like. If there are drop-outs within the first two weeks, these spots will be filled with people from the waiting list in the order they signed up.
Please be advised that there will not be a waiting list for basic course participants.



4. For more information, please contact

Phone: (02) 2075-4105



Location: 6th floor, Seoul Global Center Building (Jongno 38, Jongno-gu)

(Exit 6, Jonggak station, subway Line 1)