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Notice for International Students

2014 Korea Essentials Lecture Series HARMONIOUS EXISTANCE - Korea Foundation

The KF Cultural Center offers lectures on Korean culture especially for the international residents of Korea. This year, the Korea Foundation presents another Korean Essentials Lecture Series, on the theme of “Harmonious Existence,” which commences on May 31, 2014. Overall, the lectures will provide contrasts of Korea’s traditional culture of the past with aspects of its contemporary culture, in regard to such areas as architecture, music, ceramics, and history. The traditional culture of Korea, to varying extents, can still be seen in Korea’s modern-day culture through a blending of the past and the present.


DateMay 31, 3 p.m.
TopicKorean Architecture: Hanok and Apartments



Robert J.Fouser (Dept. of Korean Language Education, Seoul National University)
- Associate Professor, Korean Language Education, Seoul National Univ. (08-)
- Associate Professor, Korean Language, Kagoshima Univ. (06-08)
- Associate Professor, English Education, Kyoto Univ. (02-06)
- Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, University of Dublin, Ireland



- Thank you very much for the great program. It is an extremely valuable service for the international community here and helped us appreciate our host culture even more than we already do. – A lecture participant, 2010
- Do it every week. I really enjoyed it. – A lecture participant, 2010
- This program is very helpful for foreigners in terms of basic idea about Korea and its culture. – A lectureparticipant, 2010
- Please, continue to offer cultural programs for people. Educate us more about the people, geography, customs, music, food, language of the Korea! – A lecture participant ,2012
- How wonderful the lectures here are for a newcomer to Seoul! Do you continue other things at this year? – Alecture participant, 2013


Admission Free

How to apply


Application Period May 15 - May 22

Application Procedures
To attend lectures, please submit a reservation request to KF website ( →Get Involved → KF Cultural Center → Lectures, and click “Reservation” button.
Notification of Selected Participants

Confirmed participants posted on the Korea Foundation Website> on May 23rd, 2014.



- This Lecture will be in English
- Participants are responsible for any admission fees related to the field trips.
- Reservations are allocated on first-come, first-served basis.
   (Lecture sessions: 50 seats available / Field trips: 30 seats available)
- Future talks on different topics to be held in June, August, and September







Notification of Attendees

 Korean Music:

 Classical Music and K-Pop

 June 28 (Saturday) 3:00 p.m.

 Jun 9-13

 Jun 16

 Korean Ceramics:

 Traditional and Contemporary

 August 23 (Saturday) 3:00 p.m.

 Aug 4-10

 Aug 11

 Aug 30 (Saturday) 

 * Field trip

 Korean Modern History:

 Division and Reunification

 September 20 (Saturday) 3:00 p.m.

 Sep 1-7

 Sep 8

 September 27 (Saturday)

 * Field trip to DMZ