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Notice for International Students


The Ewha Language Center is offering a TOPIK Prep Course in order to help students achieve good results in the TOPIK exam that will be held on July 20th, 2014. (35th exam) The original course fee is \400,000, however for this summer prep course only, the University will provide the course fee, so it will be free for you.


Obtaining TOPIK level 4 is very important since you need to have TOPIK level 4 or above in order to graduate (exception: International Studies students) and students that dont have level 4 are not eligible for the International Exchange Scholarship (Merit-based and Volunteer-based scholarship). Please take advantage of this great opportunity.


TOPIK Prep Course

1) Course Schedule

-       Date: 2014/6/23(Mon) ~ 7/18(Fri). 3 classes per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

-       Time: 14:00~17:50 (12 classes, total 48 hours)

-       2 classes

ü  1 intermediate class: to prepare to get TOPIK level 4

ü  1 advanced class: to prepare to get TOPIK level 5 and 6

-       Limited space: maximum 15 students per class.


2) Notes

-       ALL students who take this course MUST take the 35th TOPIK exam, intermediate level or higher, that will be held on July 20th

-       Students who are planning to take summer classes, please double check to make sure the summer classes do NOT overlap with those of the TOPIK prep course

-       Once you register for the TOPIK prep course, you CANNOT cancel your registration. If you suddenly inform us of the cancellation and suddenly choose not to take the class because you changed your mind, you will have to pay the course fee KRW 400,000 as a penalty. (This is because once you register for the class, the University pays for the 400,000 and this is not refundable) Therefore, please think carefully if you are really willing to take this class.J


3) How to register

-       Visit the Office of International Affairs (OIA) ECC B329 between June 2nd (Mon) ~ June 5th( (Thu).

-       Fill out the registration form

-       Pay the deposit KRW 100,000 (this will be returned upon your completion of the course)


4) Level Test

     - Students must take this level test in order to see which level of class suits the student

- Students who satisfy one of the following conditions do not have to take the level test

             (1) Students who have taken or are currently taking the 한국어 level III~ or above

(2) Students who have TOPIK level 3

(3) Students who have completed a program at the Ewha Language Center of level 4 or above


The registration for this program is first come first served, and can be offered to only 30 students, so please come visit the OIA as soon as possible between June 2nd (Mon) ~ June 5th( (Thu).