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Notice for International Students

[Degree Seeking] 2016-2 Student ID Card Pick-up

Student ID Card Pick-up


  1. 1. Who can pick it up?: students who submitted her Student ID Card Application to GSC between August 29th and September 1st 

  2. 2. Pick-up Place: GSC (ECC B329)

  3. 3. You need to bring an official document or card that identifies you. (e.g.: Ewha Mobile ID Card/ passport/ a copy of passport/ Alien Registration Card)

  4. 4. Pick-up period: September 7th September 13th


*You can install Ewha Mobile ID Card on your phone by searching and downloading ‘이화여자대학교 모바일 학생증’ at the app store. ID is your student ID#, and the password is the same with your password on EUREKA system.

*Students who submitted Student ID Card Application to Student Service Center directly SHOULD pick it up at Student Service Center (ECC B303) by themselves. 

*Please pick up your Student ID card at GSC, and your bankbook and check card(debit card) at Shinhan Bank located in ECC.

*If you do not have your passport with you now because of the Alien Registration Card Application, and if you do not have anything that can prove your identification now, you can pick up your student ID card after September 13th.