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Notice for International Students

Asan Foundation Scholarship (degree-seeking, graduate students ONLY)

The Asan Foundation is providing scholarships for international degree-seeking students students (graduate students). Those who are interested in being considered as a candidate for this scholarship should fill out the attached document and submit it via email. Please make sure you meet the criteria below.


* Amount of scholarship: full tuition

* Duration of scholarship: until the 4thregular registered semester

* What are the criteria I should meet?

  1. The 2014 spring semester will be my 2nd~4thsemester and I am a full-time registered master’s student

2. I am from an underdeveloped country (Asia, Africa, or South America) and I am currently studying abroad at my 
     own expense with no aid from the government. (Chinese students are not eligible for this scholarship)

3. Both my last semester’s GPA and my cumulative GPA is over 3.00 out of 4.30

  4. I am not receiving other kinds of scholarships

* How do I apply? Fill out the attached form and submit it via email to

* Deadline: January 13th(Monday), 2014