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Notice for International Students

[Notice] 2016-1 International Student Scholarship Application

Undergraduate or the Graduate School (일반대학원) students who are interested in 2016 Spring-International Student Scholarship may apply as indicated in the details below. (The title of International Exchange scholarship, IES, has been modified to International Student Scholarship.)

1. International Student Scholarship Application Period:

December 14 (Mon) 9AM ~December 23 (Wed) 5PM, Online.

-Visit below URL link and submit the online application

- ISS N required documents reception: Global Service Center ECC B329

- ISS N required documents submission period: December 14 (Mon) 9AM~23 (Wed) 4 PM

2. International Student Scholarship N/V Eligibility

A. Foreign students in undergraduate or the Graduate School (일반대학원) programs who will register for regular courses for 2016 spring.

B. Students who have medical insurance valid in Korea. (Your insurance information must have been notified to OIA)

- If you have purchased private/national insurance individually, you must submit the copy of your insurance certificate to OIA.

C. Students who have earned at least 10 credits (undergraduate) / 6 credits (graduate) during 2015-Fall semester.

D. Students whose GPA from 2015-Fall semester is 2.0/4.3 or above.

- If your GPA for 2015-Fall does not meet the requirement after the submission of the application, you will be automatically excluded from the screening list.

※ Recipients of the ISS M (Merit-based) scholarship for UNDERGRADUATE students are selected by the school administration based on one’s academic performance(GPA). Therefore, students do not need to apply.

3. Types of Scholarship and Requirements



Required Documents



Students who are eligible for ISS and financially disadvantaged

1) Online Application

2) Recommendation of the Advisory Professor (use attached file only)

3) Reference proving a need for financial aid (such as income statement, medical certificate, and written statement of the jurisdiction about the financial status of you and your family) issued in 2015, original copy only.


(Volunteer activity-based)

Students who are eligible for ISS and have TOPIK 4 or above, who conducts Online-ambassador duties or volunteer activities contributing to international exchange.

*Online-Ambassadors: Students who promote Ewha Womans University, school life, admissions information through online using SNS.

- Online Application


















4. Duration and Method of Payment






One semester

Varies depending on financial needs,

up to half the tuition amount

Reduction from the Tuition Bill


Varies depending on the type of volunteer activities

(Minimum KRW 900,000~ Maximum KRW 1,500,000)

At the end of 2016-Spring semester (late June)

Paid through students’ bank account

Online-Ambassadors: KRW 1,200,000

*OIA will select ambassadors among V scholarship candidates

At the end of 2016-Spring semester (late June)

Paid through students’ bank account


5. Results of Scholarship Recipients Selection: Mid-February 2016 / Results will be notified individually by email only.