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Notice for International Students

[DGREE SEEKING] Health Insurance

Having a health insurance that takes effect in Korea is MANDATORY during your stay in Korea to cover for illness or accident.


Students that do not have an insuranceshould purchase one immediately.


Students that already have an insurance should check the expiry of the insurance and extend or repurchase as needed.


An insurance company will visit Ewha to help students purchase insurance on the dates below. Please drop by the Global Service Center (ECC B329) on the mentioned date to get an insurance or if you have any questions regarding health insurance.


1.    OIA helps students with health insurance registration at the beginning of each semester at GSC. Please check your e-mail regarding health insurance guidance and visit GSC for group registration.
   If you are unable to visit GSC during the group registration date, contact the person below at the AIG insurance company and tell that you are a student of Ewha(service provided in English, Korean, and Chinese).

Mr. Byunghyun Woo 010-3099-9883

3.   You may also individually purchase National Health Insurance or insurance plan from other companies just as long as its coverage includes Korea. In such case, you must submit certificate of your insurance that includes its coverage and period.


Restrictions on students who do not have an insurance at Ewha


- Issuance of all kinds of certificates from the Student Service Center will be blocked (i.e. Certificate of Enrollment which you need in order to extend your visa)

- Not eligible to apply for the International Exchange Scholarships.