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Notice for International Students

Immigration Guide - Alien Registration Card Return / Carriage / Present

Important Notes for Alien Registration Card

You should keep the date for return on alien registration with following conditions. If not it could be a reason for penalty or failure to re-entry/visa achievement/visa extension. It is a responsibility of student her/himself to recognise immigration regulations correctly and to follow them. Please be aware of your duties regarding sojourn and visa issues.

Reasons for returning Foreigner Registration cards

  • The Foreigner Registration card must be returned to the Immigration Office upon following reasons
    - Final departure
    - Abandoning foreign citizenship and acquiring a Korean nationality
    - Upon death
    - Applicable for Foreigner Registration exemption

When Foreigner Registration cards must be returned by:

  • Upon final departure (Leave of Absence, Graduation, Voluntary Withdrawal, etc.)

  • If you are not to return to Korea within the given sojourn period (before your visa expires), it is regarded as final departure even though you are a currently enrolled student.

  • Within 14 days after acquiring Korean nationality.
    - By him/herself, spouse, parents, or appointed agent
    - Must be returned with Korean nationality verification certificate, lost foreign nationality verification certificate

  • Upon death
    - By spouse, parents, appointed agent, administrator or owner of the property where the death occurs
    - Within 14 days of acknowledgement of the death / within 30 days of the death
    - Must be returned with medical report or inquest report, or other death verification documents

  • Failure to return the registrations cards on time will result in fines.

Foreigner Registration card carriage and/or present

  • All foreigners must carry a passport, visa, or a foreigner registration card while in Korea (Those under 17 are exempt from this duty).

  • All foreigners must comply with requests to display passports or foreigner registration card by immigration officers or other such public officers (including public administrators of city, province, or town), if they are performing their official duties. (registration related duties)

  • Failure to comply to such requests will result in punishment as according to Immigration Act Article 27.