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Notice for International Students

[DEGREE-SEEKING] How to Issue Student ID Card

How to Issue Student ID Card

l  Subject to Apply: Foreign students who have Alien Registration Number

This application is ONLY for students with alien registration card.

Students without alien registration card can register with written form on August 28(Thur) Orientation.


l  Application Period: 2014 Aug. 19(Tue) 10:00~ 25(Mon) 16:00

l  How to Apply
이화여대 홈페이지Ewha Womans Unviersity Website > 공지사항Notice> 2014학년도 후기 학생증 체크카드 신청

Online Application

Apply for student check-card

(Available from Aug. 19(Tue) 10:00)

Visit Bank

Shinhan Bank at Ewha (ECC B4)

Bring your alien registration card

*Online Application is available from August 19(Tue). After applying online, you must confirm your registration by August 25(Mon) by visiting Shinhan bank and bringing your alien card.   If you do not visit bank within the proposed date, your online application will be void and disregarded. You will have to apply with written form at the Orientation on August 28(Thur).

l  How to receive student ID card : 2014 September 15(Mon)~17(Wed)
Details will be announced on university website notice section at the end of August

Matters to your attention,

1. You will not need to pay any cost to issue the student ID card.

2. You can enter the library before you receive the students ID card by your tuition fee receipt and your valid identification.

Ewha Portal Information System => EUREKA (MY EUREKA) => Register => tuition fee receipt.

3. For students who have difficulty in visiting Shinhan bank at Ewha, other branches are also offering the same service. But please take note that the process and the time for issuing the student ID card may take longer than Ewha branch. If you have problems while at different branch, please call Ewha branch for assistance (02-3277-4899)

(How to find nearest Shinhan bank at your location: 신한은행 홈페이지( > 은행소개 > 영업점찾기)