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Notice for International Students

[GLEO] Hiring native speakers of English for tutor speaking


The GLEO office is hiring about 5 native speakers of English to tutor speaking sessions.

The tutoring job requires that you monitor three 30 min. group speaking sessions a day.

The questions will be given for the students to choose from and you will try to facilitate the session so that everyone gets an equal opportunity to participate.

The students might also ask you some questions about your opinion or about English expressions, etc.

The job starts on June 21st (Wed.) and ends on July 18th (Tues.).

and you will work from Mon- Thurs between 12:50-2:20 for a total of 16 days.

The tutoring job pays 16,500 for doing 90 mins of tutoring each day.

If you need to do a internship while you are at Ewha, we can also provide documents to prove that you've worked for us.

Please send a resume and/or short letter of introduction to by May 26th(Fri) noon.

Selected candidates need to come for a short interview of about 10 mins.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact