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Academic Certifications

Issuance Methods

Below are the 5 ways to apply for certificates. If you can not apply by logging-in to Portal Information System please contact the nearest Civil Service Center (Minwon 24 service) or Student Service Center (ECC B303).

Methods Portal Information System Log-in Users
(Online Certificate Issuance Users)
Portal Information System Log-in Unavailable Users
(Online Certificate Issuance Unavailable Users)
Online Request
(Online Printing & Postal Request)
Mobile Request X
Minwon 24 Services
Certificate Issuing Machine X
Visit Student Service Center

Online Certificate Issuance User Category

Users are catagorized as. 1. Immediate Users , 2. Registration Required Users, 3. Online Certificate Issuance Unavailable Users by admission and graduation year.

Online Certificate Issuance Users
Online Certificate Issuance Users Immediate Users

1. Undergraduate: Students admitted since 1982
2. General Graduate School: Students who graduated since 1985
3. Graduate School of Education: Students admitted since 1989, students who graduated since August 1982
4. Specialty/Special Graduate: All students

Registration Required Users

1. Undergraduate: Graduates since 1966 to 1985, and disenrolled students from 1962 to 1981 who are not registered
    in the Portal Information System.
2. General Graduate School: Graduates before 1984 who are not registered in the Portal Information System.
3. Graduate School of Education: Students admitted before 1985 who are unregistered with the Portal Information

※ First register for Portal Information System to use this service.
  1.Prepare the Computerized Data Supplement Application [Download] and a copy of your Identification Card
    ●Where to submit
      - Student Services Center (ECC B303)
      - E-MAIL:
      - TEL: 02-3277-2064
      - FAX: 02-3277-2096
  2. After completion, log into the Portal Information System: ID (Student Number)
      (Student Service Center Notification) / PW (6 digits of birthdate)
  3. After initial registration, you will be able to constantly use Portal Information System services such like online and
      e-mail certificate issuance(Korean Certificates available only) services.

인터넷 증명발급
이용불가 대상자

1. Undergraduate: Students who graduated before 1965.
2. Graduate School of Education: Students who graduated before February 1982 and disenrolled students who
    entered school before 1988

For More Information

For more details on Certificate Issuance Method, Issuing Procedure, Issuable Certificates, Issuance Fees please refer to 'User Guide' in Online Certificate Issuance Homepage.

Online Certificate Issuance Homepage


Student Service Center(ECC B303)/ 02-3277-2064, 3233/ E-MAIL: