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Student Support Programs

Student Support Programs
  Description Department Contact

Academic support programs

Individual and team scholarships for national and international contests and academic events.

Student Support Team 82-2-3277-2055,

"Delicious" Ewha

Free snacks served to 1,000 Ewha students (first-come, first-served) during exam periods to encourage them and alleviate stress.

Student Support Team 82-2-3277-3863,

Support programs for the Student Government Association’s major- and department-specific activities

Strengthening solidarity, facilitating adaption to college life, and increasing student satisfaction.

Student Support Team 82-2-3277-2055,

"Welcome to EWHA"

Annual talk to welcome incoming students held at Welch-Ryang Auditorium following the commencement ceremony and attended by new students and their parents.

Student Support Team 82-2-3277-2055,

Support Programs for North Korean refugee students

Range of programs to support North Korean refugee students, including summer/winter session grants, scholarship information, tutoring, and counseling.

Student Support Team (academic endeavor grants) 82-2-3277-2303
Scholarship & Welfare Team (extramural scholarships) 82-2-3277-3549
Institute for Teaching & Learning (tutoring) 82-2-3277-2102
Student Counseling (psychological counseling) 82-2-3277-3219, 3221


Annual Christmas decorations and events in the Student Union.

Volunteer Team 82-2-3277-2303,