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Campus Life


EUBS (Ewha University Broadcasting System) was founded in April 1972 as an affiliated organization of Multi Media Education Center to foster academic air at Ewha and to encourage students participation in campus events. It also aimed to make a ground of communication between students and professors by delivering the news based on their conversation. Until 2008, it held regular events including freshmen welcoming broadcasting festival in March, broadcasting festival in May and song festival in November with its station name as EBS.

In September 2008, it changed the stations name as EUBS and has been producing Ewha News and the documentary named Meeting Ewha bi-weekly. The programs are to fulfill the increased need for the video broadcast and to educate the producing process more efficiently. The new programs are delivered through the Web site and PDP installed around the Ewha campus. Also, from 2010 it has been providing English subtitles in Ewha News for the first time among University broadcastings in Korea, enabling foreign students to understand the news. All the procedures from planning, shooting, recording to editing are done by students to foster them as capable future broadcasters.

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