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Campus Life

Edae Weekly

Edae Hak-bo (Ewha Womans University Newspaper) first took its form on February 2nd of 1954, with the view of making a bright future for the women and citizens of Korea as well as the nation itself. Edae Hak-bo provides ground for communication and education among students, alumnae, parents, and general readers of the newspaper.

At its primal stage, Edae Hak-bo was published in the form of a tabloid sized newspaper, and it was not until later that it was published periodically, with four pages. From March of 1974 (Issue No. 502), in celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Edae Hak-bo began to print its articles horizontally. From September 1980, Edae Hak-bo increased its pages from four to eight, and a twelve page issue has been printed every second week of the month. On September 20th of 1993, Edae Hak-bo celebrated the publication of its 1000th issue. Around that time, it established the Lan System.

Also, in August 1995, Edae Hak-bo first introduced Computerized Typesetting System (CTS), which enabled all the student faculties to produce their newspapers on their own from planning to final editing with low cost. On May 2006, it published its 1287th issue. This 50-year of tradition of Edae Hak-bo is now setting an example for all the University press in Korea. Edae Hak-bo established itself not only as a much trusted media at Ewha, but also as one of the most qualified journalism among many University newspapers.

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