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Campus Life


Student Clubs
Category Name Description Student Union
Room No.
Performance Arts


Music appreciation through orchestral performance

215 7608

Jazz Two Five

Jazz appreciation and performance

521 7614

Film-making Club Noue

Documenting women’s issues and social problems facing Korean society

441-1 7601

Siloam Mandolin Orchestra

Mandolin appreciation and promotion

418 7605

Central Pungmul Band Aec-mae-gi

Pungmul (traditional folk percussion) appreciation and preservation

424 7606

Classical Guitar SocietyYeyulhwe

Classical guitar appreciation and performance

214 7609

Ewha Choir

Music appreciation and cultural participation

419 7611

University Drama Club

Enriching university life through theater

426 7612

Folk Drama Society Tal

Creative preservation of Korean mask plays

425 7613

Band Hansori

Music appreciation

423 7618


College cheerleading

402-3 7616


Liberation theater

401-3 7615


Shared venue for lovers of dance

402-2 7607

Rock Band Release

Ewha’s only rock band

341 7603

Hangaram Puppet Play Society

Puppet-making and puppetry

502-2 7617


Amateur musical theater

502-3 7610

Raon Soul

Ewha’s only hip-hop club, including MCing, DJing, B-girls and graffiti

502-4 7602

View Hallo

Jazz dance

B106-1 7604


Korean traditional music performance

526 7673
Arts & Culture

Cartoon Club Minmi

Enriching university life through cartoons

441-2 7620

Bando Literary Society

Solving life’s questions through literature

416 7622

Literary Society Sebyuk

Practicing literary criticism through book discussions and writing literary works

403-2 7621

Ewha Literature Club

Promoting creative writing

403-1 7624

Ewha Calligraphy Club

Traditional calligraphy appreciation

417 7623


Tea and tea ceremony appreciation

530 7619

Photo Trace

Finding life’s beauty through the lens

524 7625


Basic studies on wine and tasting seminar

- -

Ewha Bagel

Baking and pastry

- -
Social Sciences

Korean Modern & Contemporary History Society Minmac

Towards a sound and correct understanding of history

412 7626

New Day Philosophy Society

Fostering autonomy through philosophy

411 7627
Social Services


Forming global ties through friendship and volunteer work

529 7632


Social activities and volunteer work to benefit local communities

515 7639


Philanthropy through volunteer work

401-1 7640


Local volunteer work

415 7638

Baby Kiss

Volunteer work for disabled children

413 7634


Education and cultural exchange for migrant wives

520 7630

Dam e rang

Social participation through murals

502-1 7631

Little Chai House

Resource sharing and aid for children in developing countries

401-2 7633


Ewha branch of Habitat for Humanity

518 7633


Korean language and culture instruction for foreign exchange students



Campus evangelism

514 7644


Campus evangelism

302-2 7645


Character-building discipleship training, leadership training, and campus evangelism

403-3 7653


Evangelism for universities and intellectuals

301-2 7646

Youth with a Mission

Campus evangelism and missionary works

302-4 7648

Korean Wholistic Gospel Movement

Pursuing the Kingdom of God by emulating Christ in daily life

301-1 7655

Torch Light

Seeking individual and social reform for total evangelization

302-3 7656


Spreading Catholicism faith and building an autonomous religious community

301-4 7652


Making a peaceful and just society by putting the Gospels into practice

525 7649

Ewha Buddhist Student Society

Buddhist character development, social activities, and study of Buddhist doctrines

523 7650

Jeungsando Student Society

Study of Eastern philosophy and cultivation of body and mind through meditation and tai chi

522 7654

The Navigators

Encouraging Christians to surrender full to God

519 7641


Encouraging Christians to establish the sovereign power of God in every aspect of society

528 7647

Ewha Won Buddhist Student Society

Character development based on knowledge of Buddha and pursuit of a just society

301-3 7651


Worshiping the Lord through song and spreading the word of God

342 7642

Ewha Kendo

Training body and mind and learning mutual respect

531 7658

Ewha Yacht

Training body and mind though yachting

512 7660

Ewha Mountain Climbing

Socializing with fellow mountain climbers

404 7657

Ewha Taekwondo

Training body and mind through taekwondo

511 7661

Skin Scuba

Learning about and promoting the sport of skin scuba diving

420 7659

Ewha Han-kyeol

Preserving, restoring and developing traditional Korean martial arts through practice

401-4 7662

FC Qok

Practicing Soccer, playing a friendly game and watching a soccer game

402-4 7643


Practicing shooting and playing a shooting game

- -

Ewha Playgirls

Practicing Baseball and participating a competition hosted by Women’s Baseball Association Korea

- -

Ewha Ski Team

Socializing through practicing skiing

- -

Ewha Jiujitsu

Training Jiujitsu skills and self-defence

- -


Astronomy club

441-3 7672

Wild Bird Watching Club Saerang

Protecting the environment by observing and learning about wild birds

517 7665


Conducting academic research on computers and related activities

504 7667


Helping local communities to develop through international exchange

513 7664

Ewha Baduk

Baduk (Korean chess) club

516 7670


Debate club based on Newsweek articles

527 7668


Model UN activities, including mock general assembly, seminars, photo exhibits, and international camps

402-1 7666


Environmental awareness and green living practices

414 7669

Soft Brain

Studying patents and developing new inventions

302-1 7637

Ewha Investment Analysis (E.I.A)

Analyzing corporate enterprises and industries and learning how to make value investments

- -

Ewha International Law Club(EILC)

Studying and research on international law

- -

Movement Ewha

Social criticism, seminars on current issues

- -