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Other Student Activities

Other Student Activities
  Description Department Contact

Ewha Global Frontier Program

Annual summer/winter classes to promote international exchange and foster global leadership

Student Services 82-2-3277-2277,

Ewha Student Campus Guard

Campus safety and safety consciousness, including emergency training and energy saving programs

Student Services 82-2-3277-3863,

Student Cafeteria Monitoring Team

Quality monitoring program for cafeteria food, hygiene, and service, including the flavor and amount of food, based on student feedback

Student Services 82-2-3277-2303,

Ewha Volunteer Group

Domestic and international volunteer placement program for winter and summer vacations in a range of fields, including education, construction, and medicine

Volunteer Services 82-2-3277-2254,

Leaders Doing Volunteer Works

Leadership development for undergraduates through planning, promoting, and participating in volunteer work

Volunteer Services 82-2-3277-2254,

(Asia Pacific Youth Exchange)

International youth exchange/cooperation program for Asia-Pacific local students to help better understand about SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) and to encourage practical action.

Volunteer Services 82-2-3277-2280,

Happiness to Coexistence

Mentoring program connected with teenagers, undergraduates, and members of society to increase the level of educational welfare of local communities and to present the value of learning and spirit of sharing

Volunteer Services 82-2-3277-2298,

Volunteer program by Small groups

Domestic volunteer program leaded by small groups seeking to give back the major specialties to society through developing programs related to major knowledge and volunteering a local community.

Volunteer Services 82-2-3277-2825,

Ewha Dawoori

Mentoring program that pairs one senior with some freshmen in the same department

Student Counseling 82-2-3277-3214,

Helpers for disabled students

Peer helper program for disabled students, including note taking, tutoring, and on-campus errands

Support Center for Students with Disabilities 82-2-3277-2256,

Ewha Campus Leader

Student-led campus tour program for guests from home and abroad and middle and high school students from around the country

Communications Team 82-2-3277-2048,

Ewha Today

Student-led reporter group for the official school blog

Communications Team 82-2-3277-3517,

Alma Mater Visiting Group

Alumnae-led campus visit group to encourage outstanding high school students to apply to Ewha

Office of Admissions 82-2-3277-3985/3814,

PEACE (Professional Ewhaians at Cultural Exchange) Buddy

Volunteer program helping international exchange/visiting students to adjust on-campus and life in Korea.

Office of International Affairs 82-2-3277-3163,

Docent Programs

Specialized training on the museum and its collection and individual and group tour guide practice for volunteer docents

Ewha Womans University Museum 82-2-3277-4696

Introducing the history of the university through the Ewha Archives for distinguished guests, general visitors, and Ewha students

Ewha Archives 82-2-3277-3196

Volunteer docent tours of the Ewha Natural History Museum

Ewha Natural History Museum 82-2-3277-3155