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Campus Life

Request for DNS

Person authorized to request

Faculty and employees

Service details

DNS registration ( domain) / virtual server registration

How to Apply

EUREKA → My Eureka → Others → IT → DNS Request


- IT One-Stop Service Center, Office of Information & Communications (82-2-3277-4777)

What is a DNS?

Every server connected to a network has an IP address. The IP address takes a numerical form, therefore is difficult to remember. For Internet users to easily find the websites they want, DNS (Domain Name System) enables servers to create and register their domain names which can suggest the sorts of services they offer, or what kinds of institutions they are.
Ex) (Ewha Womans University), (, (server of College of Law)

When do I need DNS registration

When you need an independent domain name like “” and not “” like the College of Law homepage, or when you want to use another domain name (.net, .co, .kr) other than “

Virtual Domain Setup

In order to provide a web services to the address that you requested for DNS, you must also request for a virtual domain and enter the below html tag in the homepage start-up file.
Ex) If you have created a homepage in the “myhome” account on the “” server and want to service to “,” enter the below tag after putting index.html in the public.html directory.