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Campus Life

Network Connection/Transfer

Person authorized to request

Faculty & employees

Service details

- Network setup / transfer / problem solving / IP request / cable request

How to Apply

EUREKA → Admin-General → Network Work Request


- IT One-Stop Service Center, Office of Information & Communications (82-2-3277-4777)
- IT Infrastructure, Office of Information & Communications (82-2-3277-3874)


  1. 1. When setting up network connection in new offices/labs, you must consult with the Office of Information & Communications first.
  2. 2. In the case of a new setup, LAN cards should be purchased by the requesting department.
  3. 3. When filling out the Service Order Form, must provide accurate information about site location (building, room) and expenditure items to cover expenses that may incur during the process.
  4. 4. It may take longer then usual if the work requires a purchase of network equipments or construction work.