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jin-Sun-Mi Kwan Cafeteria

Jin·Sun·Mi Kwan Cafeteria


Jin·Seon·Mi Kwan


82-2-3277-3372, 3374

Jin Kwan Cafeteria

The Jin Kwan Cafeteria is located on the 1st floor of the Jin·Seon·Mi Hall. It is for school faculty use only. However graduate students are allowed to use the Seon Hall Lounge. Korean style food, Western style food, noodles, and one-course menus are served daily. The salad bar is open all day with many other seasonal juice and fast food snacks.Price ranges from 4,000 won to 5,000 won. You can make an order on special occasions for take out.

Mi Kwan Cafeteria

The Mi kwan Cafeteria is the only restaurant where there is a serving system. Faculties may use to treat guests. 50~70 people can be accommodated. Korean style food is served and events can be organized at dinner hours.