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Helen Hall Cafeteria

Helen Hall Cafeteria


Helen Hall Cafeteria



The Helen Hall Cafeteria is placed right next to Central Library. It is convenient to use from the Library, Law Building, Music Building, Arts & Design Building, Case Hall, Physical Education Building, and Science Building.

It serves daily one course menu, one western food, two to three kinds of noodles, fried food, Kim-bab, and many other snacks.The most favorite menu is rice topped with many side dishes; curry rice and many more priceing around 2,300 won. For western style menu, they serve pork cutlet, fish cutlet, cheese cutlet, and hamburger steak. They are priced between 2,000 won to 2,300 won.

For noodles they serve Chinese noodles, spaghetti, Japanese noodles throughout the year. Cold noodles and noodles with assorted mixtures are popular during the summer season. Prices are between 2,000 won to 2,300 won.

Purchase coupon & Self-service.

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