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Research Institute for Social Science

Research Institute for Social Science

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Research Institute for Social Science


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The institute was established in 1996 when the College of Social Sciences was launched at Ewha for integrated and systematic research and development. Professors of social welfare, political science and diplomacy, administration, mass communication and bibliography and philology carry out research on political development and public policies, information and culture, journalism and information, social environment and welfare services, development of educational programs, reeducation, publication of academic achievements and cooperation between the university and industrial corporations. The institute has departments of research, publication, public relations, and general affairs. It gives special emphasis to research related to information and communication.
The institute promotes bioethics for people’s dignity and rights, in step with the development of life science and technology. It is also legally involved in analyzing potential situations that occur within the universal standard of human rights, and in reaching a logical agreement.
The Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics conducts the following businesses:

  • R&D on laws and policies related to bioethics and medical service.
  • Social agenda on bioethics and medical service.
  • Education and educational programs to foster awareness on bioethics.
  • R&D projects on teaching materials related to bioethics.
  • International cooperation with the U.S., Germany, Japan, etc, and analysis of international trends.
  • Collection and analysis of records related to bioethics and medical laws.
  • Symposiums on bioethics and medical laws.
  • Other businesses related to the goal of the institute

The institute is divided into the Law & Policy Department conducting research on laws and policies, the Educational Cooperation Department involved in education, publications, and domestic and international cooperation, the Records Department overseeing records and information including collection and analysis of records and website management, and the Administration Department in charge of office work and others tasks. The Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics’ researchers include professionals in law, medicine/life science, ethics, etc, who are actively researching in their related fields.