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Teaching Foreign Languages

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Teaching Foreign Languages


B231, ECC






The Graduate School of Teaching Foreign Languages is established to train foreign languages education specialists capable of effectively teaching foreign languages to speakers of other languages. With the rich history and experience of Foreign Languages education at Ewha Womans University, the programs have been developed by leading educators in the field of Teaching Foreign Languages.

The TFL(Teaching Foreign Languages) programs are designed for participants to both learn various perspectives in language teaching and to gain hands-on experience in a meaningful and superb learning environment with many educational institutions at Ewha Womans University including kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school as well as the Language Education Center.

The Graduate School of Teaching Foreign Languages offers a Dual Masters Degree Program and Internship Certificate Program with the partnership of renowned programs overseas. The program provides students with credit transfer systems with such outstanding institutions as the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), the University of Hawaii at Manoa(Second Language Studies), and Peking University. With various workshops and special lectures by well-known professionals and scholars from all over the world, the programs will broaden and enrich the perspectives of many participants. In addition, the certificate course for in‐service and future teachers will provide English, Korean and Chinese teaching classes in other subject areas such as math, science, physical education, and social science as well as facilitating the Foreign Languages teaching ability.



2003. 3. 1

Ewha GSCD Dept. of Clinical Dentistry was established

2011. 3. 1

Dept. of Clinical Oral Health Science was developed

The aim of education

The ultimate goal of the TFL programs is to tap into the vast potential of participants’ language skills in foreign languages education and to create competitive professionals in the international community. In view of the establishment of this new and innovative part of Ewha Womans University, the TESOL Certificate Program, the TESOL-YL (Young Learners) and EPTeCSOL (Ewha-Peking Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate Program will accept male applicants. The Graduate School of Teaching Foreign Languages pledges to meet the goal of training experts leading Korea's foreign languages education in the global village