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Social Welfare


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Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Social Welfare (GSSW) aims to educate theory and practice of social work and prepare students as distinguished professional female leaders who can play pivotal roles in various fields of social work.

Ewha Woman's University has been leading the development of Korean social work in academics, education, and the practical field of social work since its establishment as the Department of Social Work in 1947 as the very first of its kind in Korea.

Ewha has continued a leading role in the field of social work by establishing its graduate program in 1951, doctoral program in 1980, and the Graduate School of Social Welfare(evening program) in 1993 for the first time in Korea. Based on its history and tradition, Ewha is launching GSSW for MSW and Ph.D. in 2006 and offering more intensified professional education in social work.

In addition to the regular MSW and Ph.D. program, GSSW offers a dual degree program with foreign universities as well as international training programs with various international organizations. It also offers the post-master certificate programs for experienced social workers for further professional training in their special areas of interests. Moreover, the Professional Career Development Center provides career counseling and job placement services and networking services for enhancement of professional activities.

Moreover, GSSW contribute to educate Cambodia leaders in the field of Social work through teaching and administrative supports. We believe this will help us to achieve our vision, "creating Asian hub for social work". In order to actualize our vision, we established Master's program in Social Work at Royal University of Phnom Penh. Ewha is the first university in Korea that established Master's program in the developing country, it is according to Ewha's education spirit.

GSSW will make continuing efforts to educate female professional leaders in clinical social work, social work administration, and social policy with special emphasis on the highest level of knowledge, skills, research capacities and international social work. The curriculum is designed to meet unique needs of individual students so as to help them immediately apply skills and knowledges in their fields of interests. We place great confidence in our students at GSSW and believe that they will play pivotal roles not only in the local but also in the global context as leaders in the social work profession.

GSSW alumni, who are already leaders in the field of social work, provide great help to the students as they strive to enhance their professional capacities, and also form a supportive professional network.


2006. 3

Establishment of Graduate School of Social Welfare

2006. 3

1st enrollment of 50 MSW students & 5 Ph.D. students

2007. 3

Enrollment of 60 MSW students & 10 Ph.D. students

2010. 1

Established master's program in social work at Royal University of Phnom Penh(RUPP) in Cambodia. Enrollment of 65 MSW students of 10 Ph.D.Students.

2011. 3

Enrollment of 65 MSW students of 10 Ph.D.Students.

The aim of education

Based on Ewha Womans University's educational philosophy and goals, the Ewha Graduate School of Social Welfare aims to educate future leaders in social welfare with emphasis on building social work knowledge. Ewha GSSW has set the following educational goals.
First, the School helps students integrate theory and practice by strengthening the student's educational and research capabilities. The MSW program focuses on the student's professional development of practical skills, whereas the Ph.D. program is designed to provide students with academic and research capacities.