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International Studies (GSIS)

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International Studies(GSIS)


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The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Ewha Womans University was established in March 1997 to spearhead the effort to produce the finest global leaders for the 21st century. The Korean government awarded Ewha with a five-year grant to establish a GSIS that would provide the intellectual breadth and professional development necessary to successfully launch women into the international arena.

Ewha GSIS has a winning program and a proven track record of producing global leaders. Ewha is the largest women’s university in the world. In addition, the Korean Ministry of Education ranks Ewha GSIS number one out of all Korean GSIS programs.

Ewha GSIS boasts an excellent job placement record for graduates. Current GSIS graduates work in international organizations and embassies including the World Bank, UN Headquarters, WTO, and AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce); government and public institutes like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and the National Assembly; domestic research institutes and think tanks including KIEP (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy), KWDI (Korea Women’s Development Institute), and KEDI (Korea Educational Development Institute); and multinational and domestic corporations including IMM Asset Management, IMM Consulting Group, Arthur Anderson, SK Telecom, Korea Herald, KBC, MBN, MBC, and CBS, to name a few.

Ewha GSIS produces top quality leaders because of the program’s commitment to excellence at every level. The comprehensive program begins with in-class lectures and seminars. Students undertake internships at domestic and international organizations and businesses, and take intensive language and computer skill training courses. The advantageously low student-to-faculty ratio allows students to learn international business, politics, trade, development, and security in an intimate environment. The small class size is purposely structured to provide the highest quality of education to the select few candidates chosen for the program. By doing this, each student receives maximum resources and focus of the faculty and department that may be absent from other GSIS programs.

Ewha GSIS is the only school in Korea with a dual M.I.S. degree program in conjunction with the Elliot School, George Washington University (Washington, DC). After completing three semesters at Ewha GSIS and two semesters at the Elliot School, students receive two Master’s Degrees in International Studies.

Ewha GSIS is the hub for training 21st century global leaders and is the strategic choice for women seeking the best education, the most dynamic atmosphere, and the greatest competitive edge any program can offer. In short, Ewha GSIS is the only program of its kind in Korea to offer exceptional leadership opportunities and courses specifically geared for women leaders.


1997. 3


2006. 3

Department of Korean Studies from Ewha Graduate School joined the GSIS

The aim of education

The Institute for International Trade and Cooperation (IITC) serves as a subsidiary institution of the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Ewha for Research, Workshops and Conferences, Publications, Education and Training and International Networking.
Through the publication of the International Studies Review, the Institute acts as a vanguard and medium for the exchange of ideas and information between learned scholars from around the world.
For education and training, IITC focuses on Conflict Management/Resolution and Global Leadership training in collaboration with internationally renowned institutions.