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About Ewha

Ewha Teacher Education Center

Ewha Teacher Education Center

Ewha Teacher Education Center


Education Building #308


02-3277 - 6783, 2604


Ewha Teacher Education Center, affiliated with the College of Education, seeks to contribute to the development of Korea’s education by fulfilling the training needs of teachers in step with the increased levels of education across our society due to rapid changes in the field, and to develop and offer training programs to enhance the professional skills in nurturing the future leaders of the Korean society.
As an affiliate of the College of Education, the Center is making good use of the qualities of the college which nurtures teachers for all levels, to train not only secondary school teachers, but teachers for kindergarten, elementary school and special education. The functions of the Ewha Teacher Education Center can be summarized as follows

  • Training for enhanced teaching skills
  • Training for increased professionalism
  • Training for the advanced teaching license
  • Research on various education issues
  • Information exchange with related institutions at home and abroad
  • Other functions pertaining to the institute