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Institute of Archives and Records Management

Institute of Archives and Records Management

Institute of Archives and Records Management


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In the knowledge-based society where knowledge and information play key-roles in competition, the ability to collect and reserve governmental, public and private institutional records systematically and effeciently and manage them in a way to utilize them has become essential.
In Korea, placing professional archivists in public institutions has become mandatory under the public records management act enacted in 1999, and revised in 2006 for systematic public records management. Especially by the same law regulation chapter 78 article 1 revised in February, 2011, required qualifications of professional archivists increased including BA degree in Library and Information Science, History, and Records Management. By this law revision, BA degree holders in Library and Information Science and History could work as professional archivists in private institutes or as public officers.
To meet the legal and societal needs, Ewha Womans University gained permission from Ministry of Public Administration and Security's National Archives of Korea and established Archive and Records Management College in August, 2011. The institution offers systemetic research on records management and trainings on developing practical skills in records management to correspond to rapidly changing society, thus playing part in the progress of records management by fostering archivists. Moreover, Ewha's excellent education environment and facilities improves the quality of education.
Along with these benefits, the institute provides professional, pioneering, and scientific education on records management since 2004 by Records Management major in the Graduate School of Policy Science.