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Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Center for Innovation in Engineering Education


Engineering Building B #352-2


02-3277-4208~9, 4421, 4424


The Center for Innovation in Engineering Education communicates the vision of Ewha Womans University's College of Engineering to the outside world, while internally seeking to research and develop engineering education programs to nurture female engineers according to the demands of the students, thus contributing to Korea's industrial development.

The center is carrying out education support programs to receive recognition on the College of Engineering's curriculum, based on cyclical self-developing engineering education models, and is operating its own developed computer-aided system to this end. The system provides students with a personal learning space to compile and manage their performance results. It also assists professors in counseling students in their studies and careers, as it allows the professors to study the details of the students’ activities, thus providing a wider scope for student evaluation. Moreover, the system increases the effectiveness of the teaching experience by supporting regular course evaluations and enhancement efforts, thereby contributing to the advancement of engineering education.
In order to train global engineering women leaders, the center performs CIEE aid project, that focuses on a creative education that includes sensibility along with engineering in conjunction with the study of humanities, social sciences, and philosophy; through this approach, the center is able to strategically concentrates on the enhanced engineering education program, industry participation and cooperation, systematic performance management and project administration.

The functions of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education can be summarized as follows :

  • Conduct academic research on engineering education
  • Host diverse symposiums on engineering education
  • Develop engineering education system
  • Develop engineering teaching methods
  • Performance for the accreditation project of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK)
  • Operate and advertise the ABEEK system.
  • Performance for CIEE aid project
  • Other functions pertaining to the center