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E-House (next to the Hanwoori House)
Hanwoori House (above the Law Bldg.)
I-House (across from International Education Bldg.)


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Hanwoori House 82-2-3277-5001
I-House 82-2-3277-6001


Undergraduate students
Graduate students
Exchange students


Hanwoori House 82-2-3277-5006
I-House 82-2-3277-6003


Ewha dormitory opened along with the establishment of Ewha Womans University. Through the 130 year of its history, Ewha dormitory has nurtured so many Korean women leaders by teaching the Christianity-based spirit of education : Devotion and Sharing. About 4,300 students can stay in the dormitory and prepare their future to become global leaders. With the globalization of the school, Ewha dormitory has become a small “global village of Ewha” where international and exchange students from over 80 different countries live together with Korean students.

Ewha Residence is organized in three types of dormitories: Hanwoori House, E-House and I-House. The dormitories are equipped with various facilities including study rooms, seminar rooms, Internet cafe, prayer rooms, fitness rooms, computer rooms, laundry rooms and kitchenettes to support students’ needs. Dormitories are open for the whole year and also provide rooms for participates of various school programs such as summer/winter courses, intensive English camps, conferences, etc. Ewha also has guest rooms for both domestic and international guests and foreign faculties and researchers.


E-House, opened in August 2016, is an eco-friendly building that can accommodate about 2,150 students. Different from traditional corridor style, it is a unit type where 4 to 10 students share a living room to cooperate and communicate with one another and cultivate Ewha spirit among residents, yet it protects students’ privacy.

Hanwoori House

Hanwoori House, opened in February 1999, is located at a place with the most spectacular view in our campus. The dormitory consists of Building 101 for undergraduate students, 102 (Soseul-gwan) for law school students and Building 103 which opened in February 2016. Hanwoori House can accommodate approximately 1,330 residents and it plays an important role in cultivating intercultural communication and Ewha spirit among residents.


I-House, located near the West Gate and Ewha Womans University Church, consists of 5 buildings in total - Building A&B, Ewha-Samsung International House opened in 2006, building D in 2012, and building E in 2013. I-House can accommodate about 770 residents, including exchange students, Ewha Language Center students and guests who visit Ewha from all over the world. I-House is equipped with a fitness room, computer rooms, laundry rooms and kitchenettes on each floor to offer a high level of comfort and provide a pleasant residential life by ensuring living convenience.