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Children's Center for Developmental Support

Children's Center for Developmental Support

Children's Center for Developmental Support


Hanuisol Bd. 85-1 Daeshin-Dong,
Seodaemun-Gu Seoul


82-2-3277-3268, 3270, 3273,


The Children's Center for Developmental Support was founded on April 15, 1981 by technical agreement between the Korean and French government based on the Christian spirit, which is Ewha's founding spirit for the following purposes.
First, it is to find and diagnose scientifically at early stage the developmentally handicapped children practicing systematic clinical approach method suitable to their abilities. Second, it is to partially take charge of social welfare by doing various basic researches on developmentally handicapped children, developing teaching materials to heal them, clinically training and educating specialist education and training. It practices, diagnosis by language, psychology, education and work, allocates children to treatment and education through diagnosis council meeting. Contents of treatment and education consist of language treatment, psychological treatment, early special education and working treatment, treatment and education is implemented according to children's needs on the basis of multi-science approach method and close cooperation system is maintained between each other. Research activities are academic research development and research of teaching materials such as Borel-Maisonny Test Standardization, Ewha-VABS adapting activities test, development and research of psychological language ability test, developing and publishing Ewha-Autistic Children Activities Development Estimation Tool (E-CLAC), translating and publishing. Children Autism Rating Scale (CARS), and standardization of Korean edition of Psychological Education Profile Revised (PEP-R), translating and publishing 'Guidance of Autistic Children's Mind Communication', 'Autism', 'Musical Treatment for Developmentally Handicapped Children', 'Children's Treatment Approach' and published research papers 'Study on Language Acoustics' first to third edition.
In the education and trainings of specialists, there is education offering a chance for a certain period to observe, learn and train helping the understanding on the spot of healing education and letting them accumulate experience, and education for specialists participating in the treatment and education of handicapped children.