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Ewha Language Center

Ewha Language Center


Ewha Language Center




Ewha Language Center was established in 1962 as an affiliate to Ewha Womans University. The ELC has supported Ewha for the past 48 years with its foreign language education, and started teaching Korean as a second language in 1988. Ewha Language Center, which is into its 22nd year of providing Korean education, has continued in developing curricula, text materials, and pedagogy, ensuring its status today as the best professional institution for Korean education in Korea in terms of both size and quality. The ELC has developed into the best facility for Korean education due to its outstanding faculty, teaching materials, and caring attitude towards students.
Moreover, "Pathfinder in Korean"- published by Ewha Language Center - is Koreas first textbook focusing on communication skills. It combines both language and culture, allowing foreigners to learn practical Korean. "Pathfinder in Korean" is currently being used, not only in Korea, but around the world. And "Ewha Korean", a new textbook which is being developed with focus on communication skills, as well as adopting new teaching methodology and users' needs, will also provide a new, cutting edge way of Korean education for foreigners.
The Korean Programs at Ewha Language Center is inclusive regardless of ationality or gender. Men and women of all ages from around the world, both foreigners and overseas Koreans, are learning the languages and culture at Ewha Language Center.